Benefits of Accreditation Service This Are for Laboratory Testing

Signs accreditation service accreditation on test reports or Calibration indicates that the laboratory that issued the report has been assessed and declared competent by a third party. Therefore, promote the belief that the test results of the report are reliable. ISO or IEC 17025 accreditation scheme is generally an accreditation body logo accompanied by a laboratory accreditation body with a company logo, separate from the accreditation mark.

This mark accreditation service is usually owned by the accreditation body and the accreditation entitles to use the test certificate brand, company letterhead and advertisements given certain rules. These rules specify how ISO 17025: 2017 certification will be used eg. Size, color, position and other conditions if will be used on the certificate eg. the accompanying statement to indicate that the accreditation is for the specific test as contained in the Agency Directory, script, accreditation, conditions in which unaccredited tests may appear, etc.

Benefits of Accreditation Service This Are for Laboratory TestingIn India National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL) Provides accreditation services of Testing / Calibration Laboratory Laboratories that have been proven to work in accordance with NABL criteria based on internationally accepted standards and guidelines, such as ISO / IEC 17025: 2017. Benefits of accreditation service this are for laboratory testing. Accredited laboratories must carry out testing activities in such a way as to satisfy the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025. So the labs gain better control in operation because quality procedures are being used.

All masters are calibrated through a NABL accredited laboratory so that the accuracy of the test results increases. By participating in proficiency testing and interagency programming comparability can compare results with other accredited laboratories. The laboratory must perform all trials per IS so that the level of laboratory competence increases. Increase customer confidence in test reports issued by the laboratory. As part of accreditation service, personnel performing certain tasks must be qualified based on education, training, experience so that personnel skills are improved.

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